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Get The Collection Of Mobile Reset Key

Get The Collection Of Mobile Reset Key - for a long time we built this blog Maxtron News with the intention to advance the knowledge of the community about technological developments that continue to advance, because not everyone can enjoy the technology, so you will we present the technology news according to what you need, now we will discuss first about Get The Collection Of Mobile Reset Key please refer to the information we provide we feel quite complete because we summarize from reliable sources.

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Get The Collection Of Mobile Reset Key

mobile reset key /">Mobile phone is mainly use to talk , but now a day it use not only talk but also many other things, we use it as a camera as a i pod etc.

Some time the phone make over loaded and it need to reset. But we have no way to do it , I give the key to reset it easily /"> /"> /"> /"> /">All phone resat

All China
default user code: 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678
*#66*# Set Factory Mode CONFIRMED
*#8375# Show Software Version CONFIRMED
*#0000# + Send : Set Default Language CONFIRMED
*#0007# + Send : Set Language to Russian CONFIRMED
*#0033# + Send : Set Language to French CONFIRMED
*#0034# + Send : Set Language to Spanish CONFIRMED
*#0039# + Send : Set Language to Italian CONFIRMED
*#0044# + Send : Set Language to English CONFIRMED
*#0049# + Send : Set Language to German CONFIRMED
*#0066# + Send : Set Language to Thai CONFIRMED
*#0084# + Send : Set Language to Vietnamese CONFIRMED
*#0966# + Send : Set Language to Arabic CONFIRMED
*#800# make Etel E10 model displaying message BT power on. But on display it dont resemble the blutooth power on icon.(actually t makes BT stuck, but after restarting t becomes normal <tested by me>)

More codes to reset chainese mobile phone

also found these

Service codes Konka:
C926 software version: *320# Send
C926 set default language: *#0000# Send
C926 set English language: *#0044# Send

Service codes GStar:
GM208 (Chinese Nokea 6230+) engineering menu: *#66*#
Set language to English: *#0044#
Set language to Russian: *#0007#

ZTE Mobile:>1- *938*737381#
unlocking phone code,only press***847# without simcard
E900 software version: *#5002*8376263#
E900 full reset: *2767*3855#

Service codes Spice:
S404 enable COM port: *#42253646633# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS -> UART1/115200
S410 engineer mode: *#3646633#
S900 software version: *#8375#
S900 serial no: *#33778#

Service codes Philips:
S200 enable COM port: *#3338913# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS -> UART1/115200

Service codes "Chinese" models:
default user code: 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678
Engineer mode: *#110*01#
Factory mode: *#987#
Enable COM port: *#110*01# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS Config -> UART1/115200
Restore factory settings: *#987*99#
LCD contrast: *#369#
software version: *#800#
software version: *#900#

Service codes BenQ:
software version: *#300#
test mode: *#302*20040615#

Service codes Pantech:
software version: *01763*79837#
service menu: *01763*476#
reset defaults (phone/user code reset to default): *01763*737381#

Service codes VK-Mobile **x, 5xx:
software version: *#79#
software version: *#837#
service menu: *#85*364# (hold #)

Service codes VK200, VK2000, VK2010, VK2020, VK4000:
software version: *#79#
service menu: *#9998*8336# (hold #)
reset defaults (phone/user code reset to default): *#9998*7328# (hold #)

Service codes LG:
software version: 2945#*#
KG300 NVRAM format: 2945#*# -> menu 15

Service codes Sony-Ericsson:
J100 software version: #82#

Service codes Fly:
M100 software version: ####0000#
2040(i) reset defaults: *#987*99# Send
MX200 reset defaults: *#987*99# Send
MX200 software version: *#900# Send
SL300m reset defaults: *#987*99# Send
SL300m software version: *#900# Send
SL500m reset defaults: *#987*99# Send
SL500m software version: *#900# Send
MP500 reset defaults: *#987*99# Send
MP500 software version: *#900# Send
Set language to English: *#0044#
Set language to Russian: *#0007#

Service codes Konka:
C926 software version: *320# Send
C926 set default language: *#0000# Send
C926 set English language: *#0044# Send

Service codes GStar:
GM208 (Chinese Nokea 6230+) engineering menu: *#66*#
Set language to English: *#0044#
Set language to Russian: *#0007#

Service codes Motofone-F3:
Motofone F3 software version: **9999* Send
***300* Set SIM Pin
***310* / ***311* SIM Pin ON | OFF
***000* Reset Factory settings
***644* Set Voicemail number
***260* / ***261* Auto keypad lock ON | OFF
***510* / ***511* Voice Prompts ON | OFF
***160* / ***161* Restricted Calling (Phonebook only) ON | OFF
***200608* Send: software version
***200606* Send: software version
***200806* Send: flex version
***250* / ***251* Keypad tones ON | OFF
***470* Select time format
***500* /***501* Prepaid Balance Display ON | OFF
***520* Change language

Service codes Motorola:
C113, C114, C115, C115i, C116, C117, C118 software version: #02#*
C138, C139, C140 software version: #02#*
C155, C156, C157 software version: #02#*
C257, C261 software version: #02#*
V171, V172, V173 software version: #02#*
V175, V176, V176 software version: #02#*
C168, W220 software version: *#**837#
W208, W375 software version: #02#*
and "yes"''

I-mobile Inno30, 55, 89, 90, 99, 100, A10, A20, P10, Vk200
- Set full factory *741*737381#
- Set full factory *741*7373868#
- Set full factory *741*2878#
- Set Engineer Mode *888*888#
- Check software version *888*837#

I-mobile 100 ,200 , 313
- Check software version #*888#

I-mobile 309, 310
- Check software version *0*4636#
- Test Mode *0*6268#

I-mobile 311
- Check software version #*878#

I-mobile 511
- Check software version *1222*1#

I-mobile 301, 302,308, 508, 601, 602, 603, 604, 606, 611, 901, 902
- Check software version *#159#
- Set Factory Mode *#32787#
- Set Engineer Mode *#3646633#

I-mobile 503, 506, 605, 600, 607, 608
- Set Engineer Mode ***503#
- Set Factory Mode ***504#
- Set Auto Test ***505#

I-mobile 509, 612
- Set Factory Mode *#66*#

I-mobile 504, 505, 803
- Check software version *68*48#
- Set full factory *789#
- Test Mode *#789#

I-mobile 305, 306, 315, 510, 609, 609i,516
- Check software version *#8375#
- Set Factory Mode 878
I-mobile 610
- Check software version *#22#

I-mobile J101, J102
- Test Mode *23638777*783781#

I-mobile 502, 502i, 505, k9, 802
- Check software version *201206*4636#

Samsung Programmers code!(Secret code)

  All Samsung Hard Reset Codes
Following is the list of code for SIM issue:

*7465625*746*code# Enables SIM lock
#7465625*746*code# disables SIM lock
*7465625*28746# Auto SIM lock On
#7465625*28746# Auto SIM lock Off
*#0778# Sim Serv, Table.
*#0638# SIM Network ID.
*#0746# SIM info.
*#2576# SIM error.
*#0778# To see what your SIM supports.
*#0746# Your sim type.
*#9998* NET# SIM NEtwork ID
*#9998*778# SIM Serv. Table.
*#9998*2576# Forces SIM Error.

To remove sim locks:

*#06#=Displays IMEI NO.
*#9999#=SW Version.
*#8888#=HW Version.
*#0228#=Battery Stat.
*#0782#=RTC Display
*#0523#= LCD Contrast.
*#0377#=NVM error log
*#5646#=GSM Logo Set.
*#0076#=Production No.
*#3323#=Forced Crash
*#9324#=Netmon <> press the hung
up key to exit.
*#32439483 =Digital Audio Interference
*#32436837#=Digital Audio Interference
*#9998*JAVA# =Edit GPRS/CSD settings
*#9998*Help# =Screen / List of codes.
*#9998*=RTC# =RTC Display.
*#9998*bat#=Battery Status.
*#9998*buz#=Turns Buzzer On.
*#9998*vub# =Turns Vibator On.
*#9998*LCD#=LCD Contrast.
*#9998*9999#=Sotfware Version.
*#9998*8888#=Hardware Version.
*#9998*377#=Non Volatile Merory Error Log
*#9998*968#=Remider Tune.
*#9998*NVM#=Displays Non-Volitile
Mermory Status.
*#9998* DEAD# =Forces Phone Crash.
*#9998*533# =(LED).
*#999* =Show date and alarm clock.
*#8999*638# =show network information.
*#9998*5646# =change operator logoat
*#9998*968# =View melody alarm.
*2767*MEDIA# =Resets the media on phone
*2767*FULL# =Resets the EEPRON*
*2767*CUST# =Resets the sustom EEPRON.
*2767*JAVA#= Resets JAV downloads
*2767*225RESET# * =VERY Dangerous.
*2767*688# = Unlocking code
*#8999*8378# = All in one code
*#4777*8665# = GPSR Tool
*#8999*3825583# = External Display
*#8999*377# = Errors
*#2255# = call list
#*5737425# = JAVA Something choose 2and
it crashed.
#*536961# = Java Status Code
#*536962# = Java Status Code
#*536963# = Java Status Code
#*53696# = Java Status Code
#*1200# = AFC DAC Val
#*1300# =IMEI
#*2562# = white for 15 sec than restarts.
#*2565# =Check Blocking
#*3353# =check code
#*3837# = White for 15 secs than restarts.
#*3849# = white for 15 secs than restarts.
#*7222# = Operation Type
#*7224# = I got ERROR !
#*7252# = Operation Type
#*7271# =Multi Slot
#*7271# =Multi Slot
#*7337# = EPROM Reset ( unlock and resets Wap settings)
#*2787# =CRTP ON/OFF
#*3737#= L1 Dbg Data
#*5133# =L1 Dbg Data
#*7288# =GPRS Attached
#*7287# =GPRS Detached
#*7666# =SrCell Data
#*7693# =Sleep Act/Deact
#*7284# =Class B/C
#*2256# =Calibration Info
#*2286# =Battery Data
#*2679# =Copycat Feature
#*3940# =External loop 9600 bps
#*8462# =sleep time
#*5176# =L1 Sleep
#*5187#= L1C2G Trace
#*3877#= Dump Of spy trace
*#8999*8376263# =HW Ver SW Ver and build date
*#746565# =Checks the locks
*7465625*638*Code# =Enables Network lock
#7465625*638*Code#= Disables Network lock
#7465625*782*code# =Disables Subset lock
*7465625*782*code# =Enables subset lock

*Known Unlock CODES*
S500/ P400/ E500/ E700/ X100/ X600/
Enter *2767*3855# with and accepted SIM
card If this codes fails,

For accepted sim card insert below code:
Enter *2767*688# or #*7337#
A300/ A400 / A800
S100 / S300 / V200 / V205 / E710 / E715
/ D410 / X426/

Try this if above code fails:

1.) Insert sim card
2.) type #9998*3323# if it display wrong card
3.)Press exit and select 7.
4) Phone will reboot.
5.) SIM should work.
6.) Type *0141# and press call.
7.) Power off the phone and insert another sim card
8.) If a code is requested,Enter 00000000.

*#9998*289# : Change Alarm Buzzer Frequency
*#9998*364# : Watchdog
*#9998*523# : Change LCD contrast - Only with version G60RL01W
*#9998*746# : SIM File Size
*#9998*862# : Vocoder Reg - Normal, Earphone or carkit can be selected
*#9998*786# : Run, Last UP, Last DOWN
If the up Codes doesn't work, you should change *#9998* to *#0. i.e. *#9998*523# change to
*#0523#. An other thing that will help is to remove your SIM card. *0001*s*f*t# : Changes serial
parameters (s=?, f=0,1, t=0,1) (incomplete)
*0003*?# : unknown
*0003*?# : unknown

*#9998*377# : EEPROM Error Stack - Use side keys to select values. Cancel and ok
*#9998*427# : Trace Watchdog
*#9998*785# : RTK (Run Time Kernel) errors - if ok then phn is reset, info is put in memory error.
*#9998*778# : SIM Service Table

*#9998*947# : Reset On Fatal Error
*#9998*872# : Diag
*#9998*999# : Last/Chk
*#9998*324# : Debug screens
*#9998*636# : Memory status
*#9998*544# : Jig detect
*#9998*842# : Test Vibrator - Flash the screenligth during 10 seconds and vibration activated
*#9998*837# : Software Version

*#9998*228# : Battery status (capacity, voltage, temperature)
*#9998*246# : Program status

*#9998*9266# : Yann debug screen (=Debug Screens?)
*#9998*9999# : Software version

SP-unlock SGH-600 (and also SGH-Sgh-600
*2767*3855# : Full EEPROM Reset ( THIS CODE REMOVES SP-LOCK!! )
But also changes IMEI to 447967-89-400044-0. (Doing this is illegal)

*2767*2878# : Custom EEEPROM Reset
*These codes have been tested with version FLD_2C6 G60SB03X of Samsung SGH-600

Samsung SGH-600 Unlock Codes
*#9999# : Show Software Version
*#9125# : Activates the smiley when charging.
*#0001# : Show Serial Parameters

To download nero software free /">To know more about Mobile flash

just so much information Get The Collection Of Mobile Reset Key

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